Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Joy of Finishing

Have you ever experienced the pure joy of finishing something?

I joined a block exchange with a group on the internet last year. The blocks were supposed to be finished and in their new homes by the end of June. To say the least, I didn't make it. It took me until last week to finish the last three. I make no excuses for myself. I've somehow developed this habit of not finishing quilty things over the years. It's always fun to start new things and take new classes. Someone once told me that I loose intrest in things when I find out how they are done. I am also a person of my word so I had to finish.

Here's the pictures to prove it.........

They have been mailed and should all have arrived at their new homes by now.

I've also joined another internet block swap. This one is in 30's fabrics. They are not my favorites but I'm in now. I intend to keep up with this one and send them out in the alloted time.

I also took another class. This one was with Jo Morton, I'll post pictures of the top as soon as I finish it (Yes, I did say finish).

I hope you'll all check back for new info. Untill then........

Happy Quilting!