Quilt Preparation 

These guidelines are to help insure that your quilt will be as beautiful as possible.

A fee may be added for any quilt preparation that has to be done.  Your quilt will be quilted in the condition it is received. It will be as free of pleats, fullness and tucks as the piecing allows.

Quilt Top:

  • Do not pin baste your quilt
  • Square your top
  • Press well, check for loose seams.
  • Indicate if your top and or backing have a direction, mark with paper pinned or taped to the fabric.
  • Trim loose threads on your quilt, they can show under light fabrics and can get caught on the machine.
  • Your top should be free of embellishments, such as bottom, beads, charms, pins, etc.
  • It is a good idea to do a stay stitch around the edge of your top, especially if it is pieced to the edge.
  • Borders should be flat. If not, this may cause tucks, pleats or fullness.
  • If you will be shipping your quilt top and backing fold them neatly and they will ship beautifully.


  • Allow extra 4-6 inches on ALL sides of quilt.
  • Trim salvage from seams and press open.
  • Press well.
  • Square your backing.


  • Allow 4-6 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides.

Helpful Hints:

  • 100% cotton is recommended for your backing.
  • Trimming the salvage off your fabrics as they have are a different color and texture.