Monday, May 27, 2013

April Quilts

I know I'm a bit behind the times as usual. Here's a couple finished for our local Quilt Show.
This one is foundation pieced on fabric done by Nora. It was shown in the non-judged category.  I quilted waves in a variegated King Tut thread since it looks like swimming fish. 

The next one was a mystery quilt that was done in Saturday workshops sponsored by the guild. It was quilted with Blue variegated King Tut thread. Joanne entered it in the non-judged category.

This one is the first Modern Quilt that I've ever done. It's pieced by my friend Bev. It turned out pretty good. I spent 2 weeks quilting pebbles. The thread is InvisaFill. I love the texture it gives without a lot of build up. It's a 100wt. polyester.

Love the back...

I do have to admit that I was really tired of  pebbles after this one but it was worth the effort.

I have to do a little bragging, I received an award for Best LongArm Quilting presented by one of the vendors at the show. They picked the Guild Raffle quilt. I was very honored.

Thanks for stopping!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just So You Don't Think I've Been Slacking

As usual, I haven't kept up with my blog but just to let you know that I've been working:

This quilt was for a soldier that was wounded in Afghanistan.  He is a native of Rockford, Illinois. It was made by my customer Alice. I quilted stars in white SoFine thread.

Gena sent me this cute little sailboat to quilt. I used a panto called Thistle and a light variegated blue thread.  

This next quilt was done by my former boss, Julia. It was a Christmas for her nephew and his wife. She did a beautiful job piecing it. I used Surf's Up and Lt. green Wonderfil thread.

I was commissioned to make this tee shirt quilt as a present for my customers grandson. The tee shirts belong to the boy and his deceased grandpa. It was an adventure as I'd never made one before. It ended up being a queen size. I used my go to panto - Surf's Up and a light grey thread. After seeing the finished quilt, Grandma couldn't decide if she wanted to give it away or keep it. In the end, one happy boy got the quilt.

This isn't the greatest picture of this beautiful quilt. It was pieced so perfectly by one of my customers. She wanted Surf's Up and a teal variegated King Tut thread.

 Next is another nice one from Ruth. I love doing her quilts. She claims not to be very good, but she fibs.She likes doing scrap quilts and her color choices are always pretty.



Another cute baby quilt. I love the bright colors. Laura wanted a variegated thread in primary colors. The panto is Thistle.


This last one is my guilds' raffle quilt. It took me 150 hours to quilt it. Most of the time was spent doing all of the ditch work. It has pebbles and feathers as a filler in the applique blocks, ropes and feathers in the borders. The threads are SoFine and Bottom Line in black. While the quilting doesn't show in the pictures, you can see it on the quilt. The applique work is stunning. Hopefully, this quilt will raise a lot of money for the guild. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I'll win it!!

Sorry this post was so long but since I'm so great at blogging, I figured I'd better show all now.

Thanks for looking!