Saturday, July 24, 2010

Block 5 of the Wool Quilt

I just finished block #5 of the wool quilt. This is going faster than I thought. However, once I start the Fall Session at school......Well, you know!

I traced all the templates for block #6 but because I was at school all day today nothing was done on it. I think that I'm going to start doing the triangles that connect the blocks so I won't have them all left for the end. I feel that if I start putting them together then they won't end up a UFO like so many of my other projects end up being. The goal is to have this finished and quilted for my guild's quilt show in 2013. Think I'll make it?

My customer sent pictures of the Winnie the Pooh quilt that I did for her and forgot to take pictures of. It actually has the binding on it. I don't usually get to see them bound so I was quite pleased. As I said before, I love doing her quilts. She dropped a cute lap quilt off for me to do (yeah!). I'm starting to get a few steady customers.

I love Winnie the Pooh!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Patchwork Times

One of my favorite blogs "Patchwork Times" is doing a makeover. If you've never read Judy Laquidara's blog, you're missing out. It's one that you'll surely want to add to your list. Judy is an author of quilt books, a longarm quilter and a chicken raiser. Besides all that she designs quilts with EQ and shares her designs. Her posts are always informative. So click the chicken on my sidebar and head on over to Patchwork Times.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sun Bonnet Sue

I just wanted to share a quick look at the back of the Sun Bonnet Sue........You can see the quilting much better.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

The other Sunbonnet Sue

I just finished this cute Sunbonnet Sue for a customer. It belongs to the same customer as the Sunbonnet Sue that I showed in my last post. They are gifts for two of her great granddaughters.

Here's a closer view of the border....

I discovered a new to me blog last night. Starting on July 20th there will be a free block of the month. If you like Raggedy Andy and you like redwork, check it out. Just click on the cute Raggedy Friends pic on the right.

I've been having issues with Internet Explorer so I've started using Foxfire and it doesn't act much better. Has anyone downloaded Explorer 8?The last time I tried it really did awful things to my blog and I've been afraid to try again.

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