Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Intentions

Well the intention for the Friday Night Sew In was to work on the wool applique but, that's not what ended up happening. I did work on a quilting project however. I have two Quilt of Valor quilts that need to be finished before the end of the month and one is finished.
I practised free motion from the front of the machine on this one.
I think the swirls add movement and softness to the quilt.

One down and one to go......It does feel good to finish something!

Quilts of Valor are for a very worthy cause. I'm glad to be able to show my appreciation to the men and women of the armed forces in any way I can.

I haven't quit on the wool........

Thanks for visiting!


Jandi said...

Wow! Your quilting is GORGEOUS! I'm just happy when my stippling doesn't look like my eight year old did it!

Anonymous said...

I like the free motion swirls, they look great.

~Bren~ said...

You are getting REALLY good at quilting on that mid arm. It looks great!! AND if Connie says it looks great, that is a HUGE compliment!!!