Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quilt Class Junkie

I'll be the first one to admit it..........I Love taking quilting classes.

This last Saturday, I took a repeat of a class that I had taken 3 years ago. "Quilting the Thimblelady Way" This is a hand quilting class. It's a method of hand quilting without pain.
Liuxin Newman is the Australian lady who started it.

In this method, you fold the fabric on to the needle instead of using the traditional rocking stitch.

There is a book with a DVD included so if you can't take a class on the method, you can still learn.

By quilting this way, you can quilt for hours and your underside finger is not being pricked. In my book, anything that doesn't cause me pain is the way to go.

The next class that I'm signed up for is for a quilt called "Suffragette". The first thing that drew me to it are the colors. It's a scrap quilt in reds, creams and blues.

I'm still working on my UFO's and I'm almost finished with one. I'll post pictures as soon as it's finished.

The Fall Into Fall Giveaway has been so much fun. I love visiting all the new found blogs and reading all the kind messages that you ladies are leaving on my blog. Thank You!

Happy Quilting!!!



~Bren~ said...

You are so funny! Yes, you are a junkie! I just can not do that method. I borrowed the book from you and I really need to do that rocking stitch. I think it is my therapy...that motion of rocking the needle and pricking my finger with every rock....must be the masochist in me!
I love quilt for the new class!!!

Gardener Glo said...

I met Luixin in chicago at the first spring quilt expo. It was fascinating to watch her speed quilt. BTW I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. Your new class coming up looks like a quilt that could be made with (nickles Pat Speth style)

bingo~bonnie said...

I'd sure love to learn a way of hand quilting that didn't hurt...

and the class you have signed up for -the quilt is BEAUTIFUL! very scrappy an busy pattern.. i see stars and baskets...oh what fun. Pleasepost photos of your fabric selection soon! ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie